This page contains a list of online resources that may be helpful for assembling interdisciplinary lessons related to human rights. If you have any suggestions of additional resources, please send us a message at

Toolkits for Teaching Human Rights

APSA Human Rights Teaching Toolkit: This multidisciplinary collection of human rights syllabi and teaching tools from across the field has been assembled by members of the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association

Books and Articles

Human Rights 101 offers an overview of human rights intended for a one-day or two-day reading and discussion for any interested class. It may be downloaded and distributed without cost to faculty or students.

Facing State Violence: Truth, Justice, and HealingReader compiled in conjunction with an interdisciplinary conference held at Pacific School of Religion on November 17, 2007.

Radical Teacher 103 (2015): Volume on the "Radical Teaching about Human Rights" with theoretical and practical insights into the teaching of different human rights issues and documents.

Teaching and Research Centers

The Anna Julia Cooper Center, Wake Forest University (Race and Intersectionality)

University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute