Worst of the Worst: Human Rights Abuses by States—Violence, and Intervention

The lesson addresses violence by states and intervention by the International community. Would be ideal for a class with students who have not done much work in human rights—such as an intro to human rights course, or an intro to a module on human rights. This assignment was originally for an intro to human rights class (approximately 30 students), and was given towards the start of the semester to familiarize students with human rights abuses and important events relating to state violence, and international intervention attempts to stop the violence, in the 20th century.

Lesson Plan


UDHR ‘Generations of Rights’ Classification

This lesson was designed for an Introduction to human rights course, however it may be used to introduce a human rights component to a course. The goal is to introduce students to human rights through the concept of the three ‘generations of rights’ using the 30 articles of the UDHR for classification purposes. Students do not need any background on human rights. Actually, this lesson is most effective for introducing students to human rights, especially before they have much exposure to the specifics of the UDHR or the concept of the three generations of rights.

Lesson Plan