Journal Recommendation: Radical Teaching about Human Rights

Volume 103 of the Radical Teacher is dedicated to the teaching of human rights. Theoretical contemplation as well as practical suggestions on how to teach the UDHR and other human rights documents, on how to address neoliberalism, and on how to encourage critical thinking are at the heart of the issue.

In addition to reviews and teaching notes, the volume includes the following essays:

Nancy Flowers: “The Global Movement for Human Rights Education”

Gillian MacNaughton and Diane Frey: “Teaching the Transformative Agenda of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

Robyn Linde and Miakila Mariel Lemonik Arthur: “Teaching Progress: A Critique of the Grand Narrative of Human Rights as Pedagogy for Marginalized Students”

Melissa Canlas, Amy Argenal, and Monisha Bajaj: “Teaching Human Rights from Below: Towards Solidarity, Resistance and Social Justice”

Mary Nolan: “Teaching the History of Human Rights and ‘Humanitarian Intervention'”

Shane McCoy: “Reading the ‘Outsider Within’: Counter-Narratives of Human Rights in Black Women’s Fiction”

The Volume is available for free at this link: Radical Teacher Vol 103

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